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A report on aid provided by Polish NGOs to Ukraine.

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How did Polish NGOs help Ukraine?

0 mln

the number of people who have crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border since February 24, 2022. until june 2023

8.6 billion euros

according to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, that's how much Poland's aid to refugees in 2022, the most of any country in the world

NGOs for Ukraine

Several thousand non-governmental organizations are actively involved in providing assistance to refugees

Key figures on aid organized by NGOs for Ukraine

8.6 billion euros

In 2022, Poland spent a record €8.6 billion in humanitarian aid.

24 million people

From February 2022 to June 2023, more than 24 million people crossed the border between Poland and Ukraine seeking refuge.

NGOs' involvement

Several thousand non-governmental organizations are actively involved in providing assistance to refugees.


Public diplomacy

Report on Polish non - governmental organizations' support for Ukraine

State authorities at all levels - from government entities to local authorities, including the smallest ones, have become involved in supporting Ukraine in its struggle. The ordinary people also showed great commitment, opening their hearts to their neighbors in need – offering them food, transportation, accommodation, and later on, helping them find jobs and supporting them in building a life in a foreign country during uncertain times.

This report presents the involvement of the third sector in helping Ukraine in its fight. The report not only provides figures and the scale of involvement but also strives to highlight specific cases of organizations and individuals who received support from these NGOs.

Providing shelter for refugees

Faced with the increasing influx of refugees from Ukraine, numerous Polish NGOs opened their doors, offering shelter to those escaping from the horror of war. Thanks to these actions, many people have found a safe and secure environment to rebuild their lives.

Organizing public fundraising

Polish non-governmental organizations are actively involved in organizing public fundraising for the victims of the war in Ukraine. Thanks to the generosity of Poles, we managed to raise funds to purchase food, medicines, and other required items for those in need.

Psychological care

The consequences of war affect not only the body but also the soul. Polish non-governmental organizations offer psychological support for people who have experienced war-related trauma. Seeking professional assistance is crucial in dealing with trauma and adapting to the new reality.

Helping animals

Not only humans suffer as a result of conflicts. Many animals have been abandoned or lost their shelter as a result of war. Polish NGOs working for animal protection have been ceaselessly rescuing and providing care for these vulnerable and helpless creatures, providing them with shelter and medical care.

See how Polish NGOs helped Ukraine from the first days of the war

Support of Polish NGOs for Ukraine