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A report on aid provided by Polish NGOs to Ukraine.

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Polish Non-Governmental Initiatives Confederacy

It is a union of associations that brings together over 150 non-governmental organizations - associations, foundations, think tanks, rural women's household groups, and many others. They all share similar sensitivity, a shared perception of the world, and a commitment to a specific set of values.

We want our coalition to be a space for consensus, improvement, and ultimately voicing demands that are collectively deemed important and need to be raised in public opinion. We believe that this will be more fully implemented once we unite and join resources. In our efforts, we are guided by the following values: patriotism, sovereignty, community, freedom, family, and civil society.

In 2021, we launched the Good Ideas Hub in Warsaw - a space created for the development of non-governmental organizations. Third-sector activists can use the Hub to work in comfortable conditions and even record films or podcasts in a specially designed recording studio.

In addition to supporting our members, we implement a range of projects addressed to non-governmental activists and beyond. This includes organizing training sessions and networking meetings. Within the framework of KIPR, there is also an Analysis Center aimed at monitoring legislation and taking positions on matters concerning non-governmental organizations.